There once was a little girl who dreamed of working in fashion and envisioned dressing people in clothing that would inspire. In her twenties, she attended fashion design school with hopes of fulfilling this goal, only to discover that she was terrible at pattern making and sewing. Towards the end of second term, an Instructor pulled her aside to inform that she was failing the program. It was in this moment of failure that she would finally discover her place in fashion and a career in styling.


Hi, my name is Elim Chu and Iā€™m a Fashion Stylist with an eye for the finer details and a passion to shift the way we choose our clothes.

I believe that our lives inform our style and that style can transform our lives; when we dress to feel empowered ā€“ we will be.

I am a creator, a do-er, a problem solver, a connector, and a student of all things life and style.


Collaborate, create, and dream with me.



M  Y     V  I  S  U  A  L    D  I  A  R  Y