More than Bubble Baths

I LOVE summer. I never want it to end. My desperation to hang on leads me to feeling woeful in August and eventually downright depressed by September. This year I chose to spend August dodging waves of sadness by thoughtfully spending my time, making the most of these last days of summer.

How I’m continuing this into fall: 

- Tidying up my digital space. I've implemented email rules and scrolling guidelines. I'm also leveraging tools like the Saved option on Instagram to bookmark posts for reading or reposting later.

- Refining my time in bed. The details make all the difference:

  • Finding a soothing sound that doesn’t jolt me into waking (I recommend testing over a weekend to learn if the new tones work for you)

  • Meditating every morning (it’s possible AND I can still be in my PJs)

  • Committing to sleep. Most smart phones now have bedtime mode features that dim the screen and track your sleep.


Last but not least, I'm becoming a slow reader. Local and national news can keep me up, stir up my emotions, and leave me feeling exhausted. How I safeguard my daily news intake:

  • Consider the time. Know when to read so you have the bandwidth to think and feel. Right before bed may not be that moment.

  • Jotting down my gut feelings and thoughts as they whirl about

  • Not trying to get through an article in one sitting. Bookmark to read and digest news gradually.

  • Balance bad news with the good news. Because good things ARE happening in the world.

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