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We've all been the new kid. Breaking into unfamiliar social circles is no easy task. Glennon Doyle's words challenged me to step up, foster horseshoes instead, and work harder at what I do best: connecting womxn.

 Womxn on my mind right now:

The Mamas

My friend Barb is a solution sleuth. While navigating #momlife with 3 little humans in tow, she noticed the lack of diversity and inclusion in perspectives around motherhood. Introducing: Our Anak.

 If you have a mini-me or two (or three!) and you're craving alone time and adult conversation, mark it in your calendar. It's happening.

Womxn Of Colour

This year I found a belonging I didn’t know was missing from my life. Thank you, Anita and Rachel, for holding space for all hues to be seen, heard, understood and supported.

Indigenous Womxn

2018 is showing itself to be the year I recognize my privilege and learn how to spend it. Indigenous womxn’s issues have been one (of many) topics I’ve chosen to zone out on. My reasons range from “that’s not my lane to be in” to “I don’t know how to support.” Both are bogus ideas rooted in my fear of getting it “wrong”. Well, it's time to let that go. The more I’ve chosen to lean into being uncomfortable, the more I’ve learned that there’s too much at stake to worry about being wrong.

What I’m doing: learning. Google is our most powerful library and it’s where I’m turning to educate myself on issues facing Canada’s Indigenous womxn.

A few resources to get you started:


Teen Spirit

Last month my friends at SHIFT asked how I use my past to inform my future. I knew my answer instantly: I call upon vivid memories of my insecure 13-year old self. Now I'm older and wiser. Investing in the lives of teenagers redeems my awkward season. It might even help young women avoid the traps that got the best of me. I can't change history but I can change the future.

What I’m doing: Exploring my options for donating time or money:


More than Bubble Baths