18 of '18

18 womxn in business who helped make my 2018 oh so memorable

Angela: Month after month, Angela’s artistic expression of my newsletter never fails to surprise and delight. In working with her, I’ve learned to observe the details and nuance my eyes notice and absorb.  

Anita: Through experiencing her personal creative projects (Where Are You Really From, Glitter Gurlz) and learning habit forming meditation practices (In Bed With Betty), Anita helps me deepen my empathy for others, compassion for myself and connecting to calm when my world feels like it’s spinning out of control. 

Barb: When she noticed a lack of diverse representation in the motherhood online community, Barb saw a hole that needed to be filled. In founding Our Anak, I’m learning mothering through a whole new lens.

Barbora: Business owner and mother of two, Barbora introduced the action of spontaneous dates and choosing to phone instead of texting. Super simple ideas that cause delight. Try it!

Rachel: She’s held my heart and hand as I continue to navigate my racial experience. Her voice and presence reaches an ocean over to remind me consistently that there is no rest from the wicked. Thus, there is no rest for me. The time is now to do the work.

Sachiell: I’m hooked on her glow: the kind that flows from the inside out. Her blend of soul and skin food wisdom reminds me daily to slow down, re-connect and love the skin I’m in.

Mal and Sara: This power duo, besties in business and life – have been in my ear from day one. Be it via podcasts (SHIFT, Kaniya) to meandering conversations on culture, sex, politics and entrepreneurship, they keep me thinking and questioning the world around me. PS If you haven’t already seen their handiwork on my new corner of the internet.

Ciele: In following her art and music, Ciele helped me see how I too could be an advocate in my work.

Natasha: She is a self-described pop-up shop enthusiast and in visiting her many curations this year, I saw for myself the wealth of local, diverse and socially marginalized makers here in Vancouver.

Andrea and Stella: Founders of The Aviary, they warmly welcomed me into their co-working nest this summer to cover for their Studio Manager who was on holiday.  The experience gave me a summer of routine I didn’t know I needed to re-evaluate my personal, career and financial goals.   

Elissa: Through her copy editing of my newsletter, I’ve learned the power of words. Through being her friend, I’ve learned that everything and anything in life is definitely indefinite.

Leighann: In making the idea of teaching my first workshop into reality, I found support and encouragement from Leighann when she offered me the space to do it.

Kaya: In a world of Yelp and Google reviews, word of mouth is still powerful marketing. When Kaya, founder of Novel Supply Co, offered up my name to guest speak for a class at Capilano University this summer, the opportunity reminded me again how much I enjoy teaching and fostering mindful consumption.     

Mona and Karima: Meeting this dynamic duo has helped foster thoughtfulness in how I feed myself and others. Through their respective roles, they’ve help open my eyes to how womxn are marginalized and underrepresented in the food industry.

Lee: I am constantly learning new facets of my lens on ethical and sustainable fashion through Lee. In finding her blog and Instagram, I’ve been introduced to concepts like the 10x10 challenge, wear counting, and recently #10x10representationmatters

WOC Talks: In a moment where I’m paying more attention than ever to politics, race and feminism, this community has helped me find a safe space to grow, heal and feel seen.

Natasha Jung: It was in meeting Natasha that I found content I didn’t know could exist: the Canadian Asian kind.   

Last but not least: all the little gxrls I know and meet who remind me that they are our future business leaders. They foster in me urgency to do better and to be the change I hope for.

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