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A few years ago a friend asked me if I could help her overhaul her wardrobe. She was coming out of her second maternity leave and declared herself done with stretchy pants but also unsure about what would replace these said pants.

We began to edit and select clothing through the filter of how she wanted to feel in her outfits every day. She was starting a business with two growing boys and wanted versatile pieces for work to play.The experience showed me that I had filters for dressing and shopping that other people wanted to use. It was also how I discovered my passion for helping people choose clothes they feel most like themselves in.

We carry ourselves differently when we feel confident. I believe there is value in this and it comes partly from choosing apparel that supports you to be present. 

How do you want to feel in your clothes?


1 Hour Consultation: Complimentary

- Identify what kind of styling help you want

- Personal Style Evaluation: You brings images of people or outfits whose style you admire

- Time for Q & A: You determine if I’m a fit for your needs


What others are saying...


Emily R

Vancouver, Canada


Working with Elim was exactly what I needed at this point in my life - yes she is an excellent stylist but she is so much more than that; she has influenced me to think about how I feel, before I think how anything looks. I love her mission to reduce consumption and trade it for local, high quality pieces - a motto that has stuck with me when I do decide to shop.

Elim has been a huge help to me to discover my style and new confidence through wardrobe. Doing an edit with her has saved me time on busy workday mornings, and helped me truly enjoy putting outfits together. Her creativity, encouragement and support made getting rid of almost half of wardrobe almost automatic and obvious.

Thanks Elim - you are a true talent.

Allison H

Whistler, Canada

My experience with Elim was fantastic!  From the moment we first spoke, I knew I was in good hands. She asked such interesting and personal questions about my style and how I wanted to feel in my clothes. It really made me think about what I would like to wear to help me shine brighter every day. 

On our shopping day, she was extremely efficient, focused, and refreshingly honest. I left with a collection of clothes that reflect my personal style and meet my lifestyle requirements (full days running my business and after a toddler). She has a real gift for listening to her clients needs, and finding pieces that best suit them. I often find clothes shopping overwhelming but she made the day fun, clear and simple. Hiring her was a time and money saver. I will definitely shop with Elim again. 


Jeff M

Victoria, Canada

In search of some casual attire, Elim immediately knew what I wanted based on what she knew of my everyday style. She provided an organized and detailed set of linked examples for me to look through and consider - making it very easy to work with her remotely. Each item was exactly what i was looking for. I would recommend Elim to anyone who needs assistance with their closet.

Barbora S

Vancouver, Canada

My time with Elim was fun, insightful, and efficient! I feel re-inspired, beautiful and confident in shopping my edited minimalist closet.

Best investment I could have made and styling tips that I know will last me a lifetime. Thank you!

Jessica L

Coquitlam, Canada

Elim has a way of capturing and understanding who you are as an individual, what makes you feel the most powerful, confident, and sexy through wardrobe.

Her approach to closet audits and personalized shopping is just that, personalized, non threatening, non-judgmental, and so much fun! She takes the stress of getting dressed, wraps its up and sends it away with the pile of donations. Thank you, Elim. 

Tom C

Vancouver, Canada

Elim's pre-and-post shop professionalism is exemplary. She incorporates a level of research and documentation well beyond expectation — this discipline enables her to perform her style craft with decisive ease. Elim's work is highly intentional, she is a master of her domain and I recommend her services to anyone fortunate enough to have the opportunity.